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Why Nyesco Solar ?

From market experience and researches, NYESCO SOLAR is aware that there are presently numerous competitors that also provide similar services but most of them could only offer to customers what we call the conventional power systems that can not sustain power for duration greater than 4-8hours per day. Unlike our rugged and dependable solar systems that sustains power for duration greater than 48hours. 

We understand our customers critical power need, income and behaviour, hence we are able to design a product; NIBPS (Nyesco Independent Basic Power System) that offer quality and reliability for the low to medium income earner whom has needs for reliable & continuous power supply for critical appliances at a very low prices. This is coupled with our ability to provide customers with high end and quality components with solid 2 years design and installations warranty. Our Canadian batteries has 10 to 20 years lifespan.

NYESCO SOLAR has redefined the market and came up with three key different market segments, hence have designed a product that matches each of them based our customers critical power need. These are; 

1. NIBS (Nyesco Independent Basic Solar); For the low to medium income earner whom has need for reliable &         continuous power supply for critical appliances but has low budget.

2. NIPS (Nyesco Independent Premium Solar); For those whom has critical need to run their luxury appliances such         as air conditioners, water heaters, cookers, washing machines, etc

3. NBMS (Nyesco Business Module Solar); For businesses such as Schools, Hospitals, Office Complexes, Mechanized         Farm Facilities, SME, Oil & Gas Facilities, Banks, Super Stores, etc